Enderby's Room

After years as a violinist in other groups, Dan Mayfield takes to the frontman role like a duck to a banjo

Luke Forshaw | | Album


It’s formidable company.


Sinkane, Father John Misty, Zachary Cole Smith, Kelly Rowland… I could go on, but there’s proof out there that stepping from the backstage shadows into lights at the front can be a rewarding business.


Next up to try their luck is Dan Mayfield, formerly a backing musician for the Wave Pictures, Daniel Johnston, and Darren Hayman. Mayfield, under the Enderby’s Room moniker, is continuing to create the folk music he’s previously been immersed in, but is now doing so as a frontman.


Enderby’s Room’s self-titled debut album features tracks that Mayfield’s penned over the last decade, music that’s gentle and genuine and well-suited to any lazy days spent in the park. His soft vocals are well complimented by those of Emma Winston who features throughout; ‘The Music’ a standout example of this.



Instrumental ‘David the Gnome’ is straight from any oddball indie film directed by Zach Braff, and the (too) short ‘Grey Stones’ bucks the usual trend of folk tracks in not dragging itself out. The highlight of Enderby’s Room’s debut effort is the softly rousing ‘Mr Enderby’, a patient number that is as easily listening as they come.


‘Heartaches’ is unfortunately a bit too amdram musical, an evening you find yourself dragged along to in a bid to appease the new girlfriend, but it’s a rare blot on what it a strong debut effort from the mellow Enderby’s Room.

Enderby's Room is out now on Fika Recordings.